Franny Eve

Transforming Body, Mind and Spirit

I understand the challenges of keeping a consistent schedule with exercise, stretching and diet. My philosophy to upgrading spiritually, mentally, physically and psychologically is that everything falls into place after choosing self love. I work with your unique schedule, body type, and eating habits to support you by offering powerful tools to begin shifting your lifestyle from mediocre to powerful.


Growing up, my parents enforced a habitual SAD (Standard American Diet) that gave me digestive issues, poor skin and self confidence and left me feeling consistently lethargic. Through years of nutritional studies, I have found healthy food alternatives and habits to optimize different types of dietary preferences. I have helped people like you achieve goals through food from active men and women wanting to gain muscle mass, to busy mothers and business owners with "no money or time" to eat healthy. 


Exercise has always been fun for me, and I attribute that to finding what works for my body type and energy level. I come from the understanding that we all have high energy days, and low energy days and that some of us prefer being outdoors where others prefer a classroom setting. There are many ways to fulfill weight loss and muscle mass goals. The key is doing what you love on a regular basis. Through my credential with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), we can work together to create a safe and fun routine to keep your body in tip top shape.


Something I see time and time again from working at StretchLab and with my private clients, is that they are working out regularly, but they come in sore and locked up because they don't give themselves the time to stretch and work through DFST (Dense Fascia & Scar Tissue). Oftentimes, this causes imbalances in balancing muscle groups and causes aches and pains where there need not be. I regularly train in resistance flexibility work and I am certified in Level I through the Genius of Flexibility. This practice uses TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to problem solve areas in the body that aren't working properly. Combined with over six years of massage therapy experience, I help all different types of people locate where their tension is and using deep tissue techniques with resistance flexibility, we unravel what is stopping you from experience freedom in your body.


Through working on your diet, fitness and stretching routine, you will be making small adjustments over time in your connection and understanding to and of your body. During our holistic body work, I will support you in creating a mindset that is healthy and positive. When your outlook changes, the reality around you also changes. I am certified as a transformational trainer and coach and work for the Torch Foundation which is a non-profit for the purpose of educating teens and their parents in how to create a life worth living.


What I Can Do For You

Group Stretch Classes

Are you planning a community event/hold workshops and classes/have a group of friends and want to learn how to self stretch? I teach resistance stretching through the TCM organ meridians. The classes are easy to follow and all you need is yourself, stretchy pants and a mat!


Personal Training

We will work together to build the body that you've always desired fitting to your body type. We will go over workout routines that are enjoyable and doable and end each session with appropriate stretches leaving you feeling strong and limber. We will also explore effective dietary options for your lifestyle and goals, and create a regular schedule with personal check-ins to keep you on track.

Private Stretch/Massage

We will work together to feel into your body through a series of resistance stretches and deep tissue work to break up DFST or "knots" and areas of restriction. On those sore days, we will take it easy, by grounding ourselves and relaxing through a variety of breathwork, reiki and lomi-lomi lymphatic massage.


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